Taiwan’s Hosiery Industry Is Circulating 90% of All Socks in the International Market

Taiwan’s hosiery industry has been booming at an excellent rate due to the introduction of high quality and innovative technology. Due to the longtime experience, Taiwan’s hosiery industry has managed to maintain its reputation with international hosiery brands, despite facing strong market challenges. Shetou, a hosiery village in Changhua, Central Taiwan, has been circulating 90% of all socks in international markets.

Shetou has gained popularity as Taiwan’s “Hosiery Kingdom” due to the increasing number of Shetou hosiery factories. The industry has been supplying a wide range of items, from cotton socks to highly technical medical socks, outdoor sports socks, and stockings. In order to cater to the new trends, it has ventured into the research and development of nightwear, sports training pressure pants, and other functional application wear.

Over the last few years, sock manufacturers have started investing in the development of outdoor sports products. This has contributed to the development of Taiwan Hosiery Zone on a global level. One such example is the development of waterproof, outdoor sports socks using the three-layer, full lamination technology due to the increasing popularity of outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and river rafting.

All the different varieties of socks produced in this industry are highly comfortable to wear and all the products make use of advanced technologies to provide high-quality products to users. The socks are completely waterproof, cold-proof, antibacterial and deodorizing to provide a high level of comfort to users. Even the Taiwan Optical Zone has been flourishing a lot due to the increasing demand for different optical products.

Manufacturers are taking care of exclusive designs, latest fashion trends, and making their products pass through different color fastness tests including friction, washing, rain, exposure to sunlight, seawater immersion, etc. Due to the application of the latest technology along with the combination of functionality as well as aesthetics, a high number of casual fashion wearers have been attracted to these products.



Source: The American Reporter

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