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The History of Taiwan Hosiery Industrial Clusters

Cluster Location: Shetou Township, Changhua County

Formation year: 1978 to 1981

Number of cluster members: 400 to 500

From 1994 to 1950

“Sheng Li Hosiery Co., Ltd.” Opened as the first manufacturer in shetou

From 1952 to 1977

Owners are everywhere because large-scale factories shut down and numerous medium and small-scale sock factories then emerged.

From 1952 to 1977

The Wei and Tsao families led the development of Taiwan’s hosiery industry.

From 1978 to 1981

Moved from northern Taiwan to settle together in the south and form the Shetou hosiery industry cluster.

After 1982

The hosiery manufacturers in Shetou account for 75% of the total in Taiwan.

From 2006 until now

Introduction of the authentication mark ‘HOSIERY MADE IN TAIWAN' to lead Taiwan’s hosiery industry into the future.