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Six companions Fabric Ind.
Six Companions Fabric Ind. Co., Ltd. – Pluralistic Design in customers’ Favor

In its early days, the Taiwan hosiery industry was a domestic-oriented industry, and international marketing mostly relied on traders. Very few could export independently. Six companions was one of them. It was established in 1996 and was good at producing leg and body wear-related products under the Queen Tex brand. At present, 80% of that is exported to 54 countries, with the U.S.A. accounting for half.

To implement automatic production and outsourcing, Six Companions makes the best use of the advantages of Shetou and has been cooperating with satellite factories for decades. Though the turnover is larger and larger, the labor on the production line has been declining year by year from 852 to the present 250. General Manager P. Y. Wei says, “for the production line staff now, over 80% are paid by the piece or by the hour. In this way, unstable, marginal labor can earn income and take care of a family,and the company can solve the problem of not finding workers while improving profit by cost reduction.”

Product diversification is the core competitiveness that P. Y. Wei is proud of. He emphasizes, “Six Companions designs around 2,000 to 6,000 new styles every year, and also incorporates the designs of the satellite factories when making price quotations to foreign customers. Offering a small number of diverse, customized services is often the key to winning deals in the end. That is why Six companions identifies itself as a service provider rather than a manufacturer.

P. Y. Wei, General Manager of Six Companions Fabric Industry Co., Ltd., revealed that the main rivals to Six companions are Italian manufacturers; however, they are unable to launch diversified products as fast as Six Companions.

Photo provided by Six Companions.